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Site Access Counters

As part of your SOI account, you have the ability to monitor how often your site is being accessed. You can display the counts on your pages or just use them for your own statistical analysis. You can have as many counters as you want.

The following is a brief list of some of the features available for the access counter:

To take advantage of these counters, you simply have to insert the following statement into your HTML page:

<IMG SRC="http://counter.stateofinsanity.com/cgi-bin/Count.exe?df=countfile.dat">

The countfile.dat is the name of a file that will store your counter. If you specify a count file that has never been used before, the file will be created. Since there is no coordination between count file names, it is possible you could select a name that someone else is using. That would result in an incorrect count.

In order to avoid a conflict with someone elses counter, we recommend you use a countfile name that contains the room or user directory from SOI in which the pages are stored. For example, "seph1.dat" would be a good countfile name for me.. seph!.

In addition to the basic counter, you can specify options on the counter URL. For example,

<IMG SRC="http://counter.stateofinsanity.com/cgi-bin/Count.exe?df=file.dat&frgb=blue">

In this example, the option 'frgb=blue' turns the frame of the counter blue.

Click here for a detailed list of all the options available.

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