Create your own SOI Entrance!

Hi!.. *smile*... welcome to the sample entrance to SOI... *smile*.. Anyone can create an entrance to SOI on their own home page... *smile*... there are actually two ways to do this:

As you can see below, there is a sample entrance... and even further down the page is the HTML used to create it.. *smile*...

Here is an example entrance to SOI...

I'm Seph.. *smile*.. And below is my favorite chat site!

Join Me???

Enter a handle and hit the button:

The HTML used to create this entrance is as follows:
<form action ="" method="GET"> <input type="hidden" name="vqvaa" value="directory"> <input type="hidden" name=room value="soi"> Enter a handle and hit the button:
<input type="text" size=16 name="vqxus" value="Visitor">

<input type="submit" name="vqvai" value="I Am 18 or Older">

  • The Hidden input line with the name "Room". Changing this, will cause the person to enter the room specified. In my example, I am bringing people into room "soi".
  • I if I want to provide a selection of rooms, I could use the <select> statement, inside the FORM, instead of the input line for parameter "room", as follows:
    <select name="room"> <option>soi State of Insanity <option>soc State of Confusion <option>soa State of Affairs </select>
    This would then appear as follows:

    Notice the Room ID is first (the thing that would go in the find box), followed by the name of the room, if you wish. The name of the room is optional.
  • If you have any questions.. send me a MSG!.. *smile*..thanks.. love..seph